The Who. The What. The Why.

So I guess it would be a good place to start with a who am I, what this is & why does it even exist.

BUT, before all that I just want to throw out a shoutout and thanking to my homegirl Hayley Clough for the push – we’ve both discussed our desires to start blogs for the absolute LONGEST! & she started hers up a few days back… so my procrastinating ways took a drastic turn and ahh, here we are.

So! back to the story Tori. Thats me by the way, Tori. Hi!

I’m a cosmic traveller navigating her way through this crazy life. I’m on a journey that has thrown me many a trial and tribulation, as it does us all. But I’ve made it my mission to understand the messages & omens that my daily experiences provide; whether it be things to be grateful for in the moment, or lessons to be learnt and evaluated on reflection.

This blog is my outlet for the above. I originally tried to start up a YouTube a while back, but this came to a halt for a number of reasons, inclusive but not isolated to… insecurities, procrastination & hind sight (I’m human too!).

Also, writing for me is life… I love words, I love the power of words & I love the opportunity to share powerful inspiring words. Whether my posts can provide someone with understanding, another perspective or simply a read with some value (well that’s my intent at least) then my purpose is absolute.

So, as far as a quick intro’s go – here it is. I can’t wait to share some insights, learns & reflections.

Love & Light,

T-Dawg x

Practicing daily to (L)ive (O)n (V)alued (E)nergy Unconditionally . — Tori Ree

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