“I create what I speak”


So rewind back the December 17, the New Year is approaching. Previously at this time of year i’d adapted to ‘conveniently’ swerve the ever impending question of ‘Resolutions’, a behaviour learnt effectively after becoming acutely aware of my list of failed ‘good intentions’ each year prior. However, this year my swerve game was what joined the fail list…  I remember it quite clearly, hijacked mid conversation..! I was asked whether I’d come up with any resolutions for 2018 … my initial thought was simply ‘ABORT ABORT!’; but realistically i knew this year was different. I allowed myself a moment to reflect and then it hit me square in the face – it was something i’d been thinking about that very morning.

After digesting my initial thoughts, I resolved to continue my focus on a topic I’d become more mindful throughout the year – following a conversation with a friend earlier in 2017 – it was something that had kept reappearing into my thought process & therefore i took it as an omen that this was an area i was to continue dialling in & working on… the subject?


If you’ve already read my post on why this blog exists  – you’ll of noted my love for them. It’s a more recent love – developing deeper through understanding the immense creative power of language. Whether you believe in ‘magic’ or ‘science’, in this context, they’re ultimately the same thing.

“By words one of us can give another the greatest happiness or bring about utter despair; by words the teacher imparts his knowledge to the student; by words the orator sweeps his audience with him and determines its judgments and decisions. Words call forth emotions and are universally the means by which we influence our fellow-creatures.” – Sigmund Freud

Many of us can understand the concept that we are all energy, matter, carbon or stardust – however you want to call it, operating via vibrations across varied frequency’s… & words are just that.  The words you use are releasing energy via vibration. You are creating based on the intent you emit.

This is why affirmations are often advised, this is why talking over arguing is encouraged, this is why thinking before too speak is key… we’re told to “speak our mind” but we need to take a moment to assess, which mind? as more often than not, we speak through ego, based simply off emotion – a reaction ignorant to the consequences generated both consciously and subconsciously…

So that’s became my New Years resolution. To consciously reprogram myself. To remove some key words that I no longer wanted to associate myself with… “hate” & “jealousy” even “I’m starving”… just some examples. They serve me no value other than ill feeling and negative emotion.

Reprogramming myself to internalise my thoughts until digested. To speak truth, with intent & in a conscious, mindful state. Too much damage can be caused internally and externally when such little work is really required to make such huge impact.

And i must say, nearly 5 months in and i’m going strong. I’m not perfect but we’re  perfecting. A continual process to become the best version of myself… mindful, mind full.

Think on it…


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