Mind Control.

So often do we see people quote about taking control of your thoughts.. to “think positive” and “‘remove’ negative thinking” – yet the majority of people I’ve come across  have  found themselves,at some point, beating themselves up for not being able to do it – for having bad thoughts pass through and allowing those thoughts to confuse them…

It’s led me to spend countless times thinking about how we’re meant to do this, as the people pushing this positive thoughts only, mind control system seem to fail to mention that part…

My personal belief is that we can’t control them, nor should we try. I know that seems like a bold comment & I’ve had many a conversation with people to try and expand my context on it & articulate my point better – so bare with me…

The reality is we have ZERO control over what thoughts come into our minds & we never will. However, what we can control is how much focus we choose to put on them.

We should acknowledge and be aware of them like strangers in the street yet consciously decide which ones we want to spend more time looking at. The best analogy is: you have things (people, objects, situations & thoughts) all which we perceive/ observe. Then you have the perceiver/ observer (YOU.)..

You perceive the mobile phone in your hand, but funny enough, you are not the phone – it’s in exactly the same way that you perceive thoughts, yet you are not that thought. Thoughts, good & bad are simply a perception, like a cloud in the sky they come & go as they please – you have no control over what you’re going to think of next.

How we ‘perceive’ these “things”, are often tainted by our ego… moulded by external conditioning & also via our own contexts and experiences. When we remove those learnt behaviours & strip it back to our most true, authentic selves, we can begin to perceive ‘TRUTH’; & in turn react based on that. Basically reflecting on things as your inner child would – before you lived this life.

So my conclusion? Begin by taking the time daily to forgive yourself, love yourself & overall accept yourself.  Take the time to learn who YOU are, removing the ego – it takes continual work & perseverance but you can then allow your emotions to become byproducts of your conscious reactions – rather than your reactions being based purely off the back of a subconscious emotion.

So stop trying to control what you cannot. The answer isn’t out there…

Look, start & stay within. Then will you be free.


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