What’s beautiful, Beautiful?

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend in the Dominican Republic with some truly amazing people, celebrating my special girl’s birthday island style.

There was around 30 of us in total & the trip was experienced with the most beautiful array of people. Males and Females, Young to Old. Slim to Thick, Tall to Short. Black to White and every shade in-between.

We’re all too aware of the society we’re currently conditioned by, comparison becoming second nature and all too often the thief of joy. But this trip really came as a stark reminder of the beauty in authenticity and acceptance.

It would have been easy to sit and compare, feeling inadequate. The amazing bodies, the amazing hair, the dance moves or the social media following – and I’d be lying to you if the first few hours weren’t spent feeling a little insecure… But as I sat on the beach eating dinner, truly being present embracing & feeling nothing but gratitude for this beautiful moment – I took a deep breath and looked around. I looked at all the individuals, embracing their individuality. Smiling, dancing, singing, being free – the energy was electric.

As the night went on I also became aware of the individuals noticeably less secure in their being. I hadn’t noticed them initially… not that they weren’t beautiful people but simply the difference in energy. Even those of us unable to visually witness an aura – the soul can sense it.

And it was then that it dawned on me…

Beauty isn’t a colour.
Beauty isn’t a shape.
Beauty is first witnessed in the eye of the beholder and the beholder is you.

We all, as a collective, need to shift our perspective on how we view ourselves. We’re conditioned from so young to assign value to how “attractive” we’re perceived, how “sought after” we are. Yet in a world portrayed to be so consumed by sex, lust & material worth we can lose sight of what Beauty truly is.

When we become aware of what we bring to the table, our heart, our intentions, our authentic selves – that energy emits externally. Regardless of conventional ‘beauty’ we see through media, we should all agree that it begins within. That’s the shit that’s attractive. That’s the shit that’s going to make you attractive for more than a physical moment, that’s going to enchant the right souls to surround you.

Beauty is compassion, its strength, it’s an open mind. It’s not judgmental, it’s accepting, honest and authentic. It’s unconditional.

Learn to love all that you were made to be and watch your beauty shine. Witness your rays of light reach the hearts of those you may have made judgment on in a previous moment, experience a love so strong for your heart and it’s intent that the only ones that may misperceive it are those still working on themselves – who aren’t quite ready for your beauty… and accept that that’s okay.

Because those that matter can see you.

You can see you.



2 thoughts on “What’s beautiful, Beautiful?

  1. True. Society has had a large impact in making everyone very self conscious. And in being so conscious we often miss out a lot on moments which could have been really fun. Glad you had a great week.


  2. I believe that being beautiful is being comfortable the way that you look and feel. Being beautiful is loving the way that God has created you and loving yourself regardless of other people’s opinions.


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