Perceive me.

It’s funny, for YEARS, in fact most of my life, i’d spend endless moments worrying about what others thought about me. And no doubt if you’re reading this you can relate.

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It was only the other day my girl posted a caption on her photo that really got me thinking, it was titled ‘fear is our greatest failure’. And whilst it most certainly can be, it can also be the fuel to some of our greatest triumphs. Perspective really is one of the most magical tools. […]

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… a word which is more often that not associated simply with an intimate sexual act, something I too was guilty of for the longest. I failed to understand its true depth, its fluidity. I had succumb to the societal conditioning we’re all over exposed too – without any given consent. For years I’d related […]

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Are you even worthy? PT.2

I wrote a post the other week on self worth (Are you even worthy?), exploring ways in which you can recognise your self perception and the possible triggers with some solutions.. but as myself and many are FULLY aware, it can be a continual journey with the unwelcome visitor of self sabotage – annoyingly, more often than not, triggered by others actions – even the most self aware can get caught.

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Mind Control.

So often do we see people quote about taking control of your thoughts.. to “think positive” and “‘remove’ negative thinking” – yet the majority of people I’ve come across  have  found themselves,at some point, beating themselves up for not being able to do it – for having bad thoughts pass through and allowing those thoughts to confuse them…

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Single Pringle.

So often do i get asked that question which i’m sure many others get asked more than they care for ‘So, when do you plan on settling down?’. The short answer..? ‘never.’

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