Ego vs Soul

‘Yeah she’s nice’.

For years and years i was always that “nice girl”. I made every effort to make others feel comfortable, to not upset anyone. The ‘yes man’, too afraid to say no just incase someone got annoyed… If someone didn’t like me, it hurt. I was always so conscious of other people’s feelings, how my actions affected them, what my words may be interpreted as, for someone to not like me didn’t make sense. I mean, I was doing my upmost o please?!

Being SO conscious of others perceptions of me affected me to the core. My insecurities were continually rife like parasites, forever tormenting my already fragile state of mind.

However, as I grew, as I became more enlightened and more in tune with my inner self , I realized all that time had been spent feeding my ego, not my soul – and in doing that I was never going to be happy!

The fact of the matter is, your ego isn’t real, its your false self simply built on an ‘illusion’, created by your perspective, and your perspective being simply that. A perspective. One perspective.

The more I understood that, the more I realized it wasn’t about being “nice” – it was about being real. 

Being your most authentic self and setting boundaries, knowing that honoring your own space and well-being first, others second, wasn’t being selfish – it was being true.

Learning that from becoming self-caring, nice became an automatic byproduct.. no longer a thought. I was no longer motivated by fear but by pure LOVE.

For at the end of the day we are all stars wrapped up in skin, the light were all searching isn’t found in another but always within. 💫


T. x

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